Super assignment for Superkids & Superpets


The talent show for children and pets will be broadcast from July 2016 and the interpreters of ÜZM were live on set. 

It wasn’t just talented children and pets who could show what they’ve got: The same was true for the talented interpreters of ÜZM who worked for 13 days at the set of Bavaria Film Studios. As escort interpreters they made sure that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes and during the rehearsals; as simultaneous interpreters they interpreted during the filming of the four episodes.   

In accordance with the customers’ request, both male and female conference interpreters were assigned to ensure that the voices were interpreted authentically. 

For this major project 19 interpreters of ÜZM interpreted into 13 (un)usual languages: Amharic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Hindi, Islandic, Japanese, Macedonian, Mongolian, Romanian, Russian, Tagalog und Ukrainian.

Have you admired the great artistic talent of the children and pets yet?