A particularly successful interpreting assignment thanks to our “all-around carefree package”


Our two technicians loaded up the lorry with the right interpreting equipment and embarked on their 600-km-trip from Landshut to Düsseldorf.
The interpreters’ booth was set up at the customer’s location on the previous day, the loudspeakers were plugged in and the stethosets were put in place.

The following morning, our two simultaneous interpreters for the English language arrived and the workshop on the topic “Global Human Resources” could begin.
Following two successful workshop days with excellent interpreting, the equipment was dismantled, put back into the lorry and the two technicians went back home. Our customer was happy about the personal delivery and the quick set-up and dismantling of the interpreting equipment: “Everything went very well!”. Our two simultaneous interpreters, who contributed to the 2-day-workshop with great joy and commitment, were equally deserving of praise. The customer, content with how the workshop went, told us that there will be a follow-up assignment in December.