Interpreting at a workshop in Barcelona


In January, a Japanese car manufacturer held a workshop near Barcelona. Of course, the interpreters of Dolmetscherzentrale were happy to help! 

During the workshop, which lasted several days, a new project was presented. 

This required 2 simultaneous interpreters for each of the unusual language combinations Japanese-German, Japanese-Spanish and Japanese-French. 

On the day before the meeting there was a telephone briefing by our customer. The six interpreters were tested for their technical vocabulary and informed on the most important technical phenomena they would need for the interpretation. 

During the first week of the workshop, they interpreted from the booth and on the following days they used headsets of a mobile tour guide system.  

This assignment brought the extra challenge of flying in the booked interpreters from Germany and France to Spain. 

The flight, the transport from the airport to the workshop location and the overnight stays were organised by the employees of Dolmetscherzentrale in coordination with the customer. 

Summary: Despite the great organisational effort, the workshop was very successful. 

Thanks to the language professionals of Dolmetscherzentrale, all language barriers were overcome.